Smart Kanban Board

A visual task management system that guides you how to work better.

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Lean Effectiveness

Effectiveness, efficiency and constant improvement - you will have it all by adopting the principles of Lean - the methodology that revolutionized the modern approach to management and business.

Lean Assistance

With Swip it's like you have your own personal Lean assistant available 24/7. By interacting with you in a non-intrusive manner, Swip will help you implement Lean and improve your team and business.


Collaboration is all about getting quickly the information you need from your teammates. Our eye-pleasing visual approach to task management will help you and your team be focused and in sync all the time.

What is Swip?

Swip is a Lean collaboration platform for your team. We provide you with the tools and guidance needed to get started and leverage Lean for your business. By giving actionable tips and insights based on your interaction with Swip, we help improve your performance and embrace the culture of continuous improvement.

Companies Using Swip

What they say about us?

Very very simple and efficient collaboration tool. I really enjoy how fast it is working and how slick the design is.Perfect for my personal and team projects. Highly recommended.

Kris Yordanov, Founder of Addly

Simplistic yet powerful! It helps me organize both my personal and team duties. Love it!

How it works

Lean coach

With Swip it's like you have your own personal Lean coach. We guide you through every step of the process and deliver insights on how to improve your performance and process.

Task management

Swip delivers the perfect blend between eye-pleasing visual satisfaction and powerhouse collaboration features. This creates the perfect environment for the best, most efficient performance possible. Be on top of your personal and team tasks in just a glance of an eye!

Swip Task Management

Analytics and Dashboard

Knowing how your projects are performing in real-time is what will give you the ability to fine tune bottlenecks and discover potential problems in your process as early as possible. Swip gives you the powerful visual project management tools to be always one step ahead of both possible issues and your competition.

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